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Most of the publications we do are for our clients in the form of brochures, magazines and other texts. Heinrich G. Neudhart, historian and coming from journalism has however published a number of books in his own right. Two of the books give an insight on the history of Austrian trade fairs:

Trade fairs constitute one of the most fascinating „long-term“ phenomena. Europe’s industrialisation caused the trade fairs’ upturn as a marketing instrument. In Austria it was the Vienna trade fair that took the lead. Founded in 1921 and shut down in 1945 due to war it was revived in 1945/46 another time as a universal trade fair. At the beginning of the 1970s it was still considered the biggest trade fair in the EFTA.
The trade fair was abandoned in 1984, since then private as well as public trade shows have been taking place at Vienna. With the following publication the author who lives near Vienna gives the first economic-historical illustration of the Vienna Trade Fair’s development (until its war-caused cessation in 1942).

Since trade fair and show industry is not part of a historians’ usual repertoire, the author has consciously incorporated the development of the European – especially the German - trade fair and show industry. Furthermore, ‘telling’ the economic history of the ending Habsburg-monarchy as well as that of the First Republic allows the economic and trade policy to be looked at in a broader frame as it determines not only the general framework but also provides the economical fundament, the basis of trade fair and show industry.

WIENER INTERNATIONALE MESSE. Vorgeschichte, Anfänge und Entwicklung bis zur kriegsbedingten Einstellung 1942 (VIENNA INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR. History, Beginnings and Development until Its Cessation during the War in 1942)
EUL-Verlag Lohmar-Köln (2011) - ISBN 978-3-8441-0050-1

This book is about the Salzburg trade fair, which boasts a sustainable story of success to date. In the economy-historical study, the author covers the Salzburg trade fairs' history from its beginning until the 1970s.The book includes political and economic influences and the final chapter gives an outlook on the future of the Salzburg fair.

PROVINZ ALS METROPOLE. Salzburgs Aufstieg zur Fachmessehauptstadt Österreichs. Von den Anfängen bis Ende der 1970er Jahre
Böhlau Verlag Wien (2006) - ISBN 3-205-77508-2

"Was finden Sie bloß an Italien? – What do find so interesting about Italy“ is the question that the author was once asked and which he tries to cover in a number of essays published in this book. Articles range from architectural sites such as the monastery of Sant' Antimo to culinary delights and fashionable Prosecco. The book which can’t really be called a travel guide is “a very personal book. To travel through a country is one thing – to learn to understand and to appreciate it, is another”, so the author.

Artemedia Verlag (1998) - ISBN 3-9500877-0-2

The publishing company was discontinued a few years ago.
Oddments can be requested from the author.